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COVID, college applications and journalism

By Maya Niyogi IHSPA Student Board Member West Lafayette Jr-Sr High School Everyone was aware of the direct effects of COVID-19 – social distancing, masks, quarantining – but no one was ever prepared for the more indirect ones. The one that has been affecting students the most, however, is college applications. In a normal year, […]

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IHSPA Q&A: Joe Akers

By Kimmy Turley IHSPA Student Board President Mooresville High School I interviewed Joe Akers, a first year member of the IHSPA Executive Board. Joe is a veteran teacher of 23 years and has been at Noblesville High School since 2007. Currently, he is teaching two introductory courses: Newswriting and Mass Media. Along with that, he […]

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Expanding connections while separated

By Elizabeth Rexing Zionsville Community High School I don’t have to tell you that it’s been an unprecedented (almost!) 12 months because I know you’ve heard it a million times. But it’s true. The words that defined the year — unprecedented, cohort, social-distancing, and quarantine — and rarely uttered pre-pandemic have become some of the […]

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