Diana Hadley Honor Roll

Diana Hadley, IHSPA Executive Director 2004-2017

Starting in the spring of 2018, the Indiana High School Press Association started encouraging Indiana high school student media programs to select scholastic journalists to be honored as members of our newly established Diana Hadley Honor Roll.

Named after former executive director Diana Hadley, this annual recognition is presented to individuals who have displayed journalistic excellence while adhering to the IHSPA core values of truth, courage, integrity, and freedom throughout the school year. This honor should mirror what would typically be given to the student earning the top honor as a member of a student media staff. Ideally, it would be given to one person from each school, or one person per publications staff. Nominees can be any grade level and earn this distinction multiple times throughout their career.

Advisers have discretion to select their recipients based on other criteria specific to their program and community. However, every honor roll nominee should have consistently shown all four IHSPA values as a student journalist.

Diana Hadley Honor Roll Recipients

Class of 2018    Class of 2019   Class of 2020   Class of 2021

Class of 2022    Class of 2023

Every Indiana student media outlet may nominate someone for the Diana Hadley Honor Roll by completing the nomination form before May 1 of each school year.

Questions? Email ihspa@franklincollege.edu.