Indiana High School Journalist of the Year

The online portfolios for the Indiana High School Journalist of the Year Award are accepted until end of the day Feb. 15 and must be submitted using this application. The Indiana winner earns a $1,000 scholarship from IHSPA and is automatically entered in the JEA competition, where the national runners-up and winner are recognized during the spring national convention.  



Students must meet these requirements to be eligible for journalist of the year:

• Applicant’s adviser must be a current IHSPA and JEA member.

• Applicant is a senior.

• Applicant has participated in student media for a minimum of two years.



1. Applicants should complete the online application. Before completing, please review the following:

• Have a URL for your online portfolio showing your work examples.

• Students should produce their personal narrative and résumé somewhere else (i.e. Word Document, Google Doc), and convert their transcript and three letters of recommendation to PDFs. The personal narrative is the only supplemental document that can be a part of the online portfolio. The résumé, transcript and letters of recommendation CANNOT be published online and must be submitted with the IHSPA application or emailed to


2. The online portfolio is constructed with examples of journalistic works and organized by the categories outlined on the scoring rubric:

• Reporting and Writing

• Editing, Leadership and Team Building

• Design

• Broadcast Journalism

• Photojournalism

• Web and Social Media

• Law, Ethics and News Literacy

• Marketing and Audience Engagement

• Commitment to Diversity (Note: Work in this area can also be embedded in other categories in lieu of creating a dedicated category in the portfolio)


3. Each artifact within the portfolio should be accompanied by a clear, concise revealing reflection that outlines the following:

• If published, the evidence of usage/publication of example should the candidate see it fit to include

• If entered in any contest, how the work example placed if applicable

• An explanation/reasoning for each example. The explanation/reasoning includes the applicant’s explanation about the specific assignment. Include any difficulties encountered with the assignment and special circumstances affecting it. Explanation should typically be less than 100 words in length, easy to read and detail why this entry is important and was chosen for the portfolio.



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Portfolio rubric/requirements

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