IHSPA Spring Contests

2021 First Amendment Design Contest winner, Ashley O’Connor, Columbus North HS

Every spring, IHSPA offers the following student contests to celebrate First Amendment advocacy and excellence in sports journalism. Each competition awards a cash prize to the runners-up and winner, and those students are recognized in March during the First Amendment Symposium at the Indiana Statehouse.

DAVID ADAMS FIRST AMENDMENT CONTEST ($150 prize to winning school)
Named after former IU Student Media Director and fierce student rights advocate David Adams, this award recognizes scholastic journalism programs that promote First Amendment freedoms within the school and community. Schools may submit a variety of First Amendment projects such as special publications or in-depth content about First Amendment issues, video or multimedia presentations, or special events planned for a mass audience. Past entries have included educational campaigns about student rights and First Amendment forums for the community or multiple schools. Project outline and materials should be submitted to help describe the initiative as a whole. There is flexibility in this category to encourage creativity. Questions about possible entries are welcome. Submissions are due before the end of the day Feb. 15.

FIRST AMENDMENT DESIGN CONTEST ($100 prize to winner, $50 prize to second place)
Students should submit original work of a logo, poster, or T-shirt design that promotes the First Amendment. Entry must be a high resolution PDF or image. Submissions are due before the end of the day Feb 15.

SPJ/JEA ESSAY CONTEST (3 finalists, $50 prize each)
Topic: “While consumers are drawn toward tweets and sound bites, how can journalists tell more of the story without losing readers’ interest?” 300-500 words, typed, double-spaced. Three finalists will be chosen from those submissions, and IHSPA will pay the $5 fee to enter them in the national contest. Full contest details can be found here: SPJ/JEA Essay Rules & Instructions. Essay must be submitted to IHSPA before the end of the day Feb. 15.

SPORTS JOURNALISM CONTEST ($100 prize to winner, $50 prize to second place)
Each student who enters must submit three PDFs or links (in any combination of sports photos, sports columns or sports stories — print, video, or a Twitter thread of a sports event) that have been published in the student newspaper or online from the beginning of the current school year through the contest deadline. Submissions are due before the end of the day April 15.

Participants must complete this entry form and submit content there or by emailing it to ihspa@franklincollege.edu.

NOTE: By entering any of the above contests, the author gives IHSPA permission to use the submitted content in any manner whatsoever without further attribution or notice to the creator.