Crown Point senior named top journalist

2023 Indiana High School Journalism of the Year Chris Gloff of Crown Point High School


March 13, 2023

The Indiana High School Press Association is honored to recognize Crown Point High School student journalist Chris Gloff as the 2023 Indiana High School Journalist of the Year. A three-person panel selected Gloff, who also serves as student president on the IHSPA Executive Board, out of numerous submissions from various regions across the state. The judges also recognized two finalists for the 2023 award — Munster High School’s Reena Alsakaji and Center Grove High School’s Jack Forrest.

Gloff’s entry stood out because it showcased his journalistic skill, commitment to leading others and dedication to using multiple storytelling methods to address subject matter vital to the Crown Point community.

“This candidate shows a clear commitment to journalism and rich storytelling,” wrote Lisa Renze-Rhodes, contest judge and Ball State University’s Manager of Unified Media. “The extra effort and attention paid to sourcing, researching, reporting and presentation reveal the work of someone who would appear to be far more advanced in their career as a journalist. It speaks exceptionally well to the integrity and work ethic this candidate brings to the craft.

Indiana High School Journalism Institute Director Teresa White came to a similar conclusion after evaluating Gloff’s work, highlighting the extensive quality the CPHS senior exhibited throughout his 4-year career in scholastic journalism.

“Chris’s impressive portfolio demonstrates a wide and deep ranged of skills and experiences that make him an exemplary candidate for Journalist of the Year,” White wrote.

The overall dedication to the field is what stood out to the third member of the judging panel, former JEA state director and retired student media adviser Nancy Hastings. She also made note of Gloff’s ability to guide others throughout the school’s journalism department.

“Chris is passionate about his desire and need to report the truth through broadcast journalism,” Hastings wrote in her evaluation. “His portfolio reflects this passion through so many meaningful examples and insightful commentary. Every required category in this portfolio has thoughtfully selected artifacts to show his dedication and enthusiasm for producing top quality journalism, from his Snapchat newscast, to his editing responsibilities with younger staff members.”

Gloff’s commitment to journalism is something that has always stood out to Chicago journalist David Haugh. Haugh, an 18-year veteran of the Chicago Tribune and current sports radio host for WSCR 670 The Score, wrote in his recommendation letter that Gloff’s talent and devotion are immediately apparent to everyone.

“His commitment to that goal comes through in everything he does, whether it’s reading the news at the anchor desk or writing a story on deadline,” Haugh wrote. “The dedication to the craft, at that stage of development for any broadcaster or journalist, typically is the hardest thing to teach but the easiest to identify. You can’t have a conversation with Chris or go through his work samples without that becoming obvious.”

CPHS radio and TV instructor Brent Barber wrote Gloff is the very definition of a journalist. It doesn’t matter if he’s serving as TV anchor, radio show host, on-air reporter or studio producer, Gloff displays an unmatched enthusiasm for the craft.

“I did a Google search for ‘What is a journalist?’ and one of the first results said, ‘A journalist is an individual that collects/gathers information in form of text, audio, or pictures, processes them into a news-worthy form, and disseminates it to the public.’ I think this is a good representation of a journalist and of Chris,” Barber wrote. “Chris is also a leader in our program. He is always willing to help where needed, whether it is helping a fellow student research for a news story or work on a last-minute segment. Chris exemplifies what a good broadcast journalist is.”

As the state’s winner, Gloff earns a $1,000 scholarship from IHSPA, and $250 will be awarded to the two finalists. Gloff will also serve as the Indiana nominee for the JEA national journalist of the year award where he will be eligible for up to $3,000 in scholarships. JEA will name the national winner and up to four runners-up during the spring national convention April 20-22.

Indiana Journalist of the Year Results

Winner: $1,000

Chris Gloff, Crown Point HS
“Chris Gloff travels through life with a passion and level of engagement contagious to those of us privileged to work alongside him. It is a wonder how he harnesses the time and energy to accomplish so much in such a wide variety of endeavors. When I first began working with Gloff as a freshman, I noticed he was always the first kid to show up and the last to go home. Long after most students call it quits, considering their work covering an event ‘done,’ Gloff stays to interact with the people he covers to get further insight into their organization, personalities, and what makes them tick. That’s when the good stuff emerges. This often leads to him uncovering the story behind the story, and isn’t that what excellent journalism is all about?”
Crown Point Student Media Adviser Lisa Keene


Finalists: $250

Reena Alsakaji, Munster HS
“This candidate has shown an obvious commitment to diversifying their skillset. Additionally, their approach to team leadership and editing is one that many professionals would do well to adopt. The candidate’s understanding of strong storytelling and how to engage an audience are skills that will serve them will in the future.”
-Judge Lisa Renze-Rhodes

“I say this in awe of her work ethic. She is tireless, motivated and exacting. I’ve rarely worked with a student who’s worked as hard as her. Reena has been on newspaper staff for the past three years. These have been difficult years: working through the COVID pandemic and all sorts of changes. The challenges that have been thrown up by COVID, and beyond, Reena has survived with aplomb.
Munster HS Student Media Adviser Sarah-Anne Lanman


Jack Forrest, Center Grove HS
“Jack’s strength is as a writer. Examples reflect sound reporting and editing skills. Strong lead writing, storytelling quotes and intriguing word choice elevate his skills. Jack knows how to grab reader interest. Broadcast examples reveal another level of his reporting skills, this time turning to film and voice overs to capture the details. Interesting social media posts add yet another level to the depth of his storytelling.”
-Judge Nancy Hastings

“Jack is smart, an exceptional writer, reader, and critical thinker. He is a leader beyond his years: proactive, thoughtful, patient, and kind. He is trustworthy and ethical in a newsroom where difficult questions challenge us daily. Jack is involved and motivated. He is talented. He is a natural learner and a natural leader. He’s also dry-witted and sensitive, well-liked and respected by his peers and his teachers. Recommend him? Of course I recommend him. Shoot. I wish I could hire him.”
Center Grove HS Student Media Adviser Catherine Tedrow

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