The importance, influence of journalism

By Kathleen Tran
IHSPA Student Board Member
Fishers High School

During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers are the most popular out of all of the occupations known to be on the frontline of the virus and risking their lives to save others. With other events that also happened in 2020 – the presidential election, the Black Lives Matter movement, the Capitol getting broken into – there seems to be one group of individuals that receive less attention and appreciation.


In the sensitive time of our world, and especially how our country is now, there is an infinite amount of news to cover. Journalists also risk their lives like many others by covering stories to make sure news is being reached to the public.

They put themselves in danger of contracting the coronavirus by going out and covering the latest updates on the effects of the pandemic and an upcoming vaccine. Along with the possibility of losing their life and putting other lives at harm with COVID-19, there is also the possibility that if, for example, protests become violent, journalists stay to take photos and broadcast live footage even when they could’ve walked away with serious injuries.

When citizens broke into the nation’s Capitol building, journalists continued to capture historic moments.

These events are not the first examples of situations where journalists are willing to lose everything in order to promote important news. When the 9/11 terrorist attack happened, instead of running away from danger, journalists along with firefighters were the brave souls that ran toward the collapsing Twin Towers in order to broadcast live one of the country’s most historical and impactful days.

Although the heroes of this catastrophic attack were those who saved the countless number of people in danger, journalists also deserve more credit since they were those who informed others and provided live evidence for the entire world to see.

With us putting our lives in danger, the past and present actions of journalists have influenced those in high school to do the same. In the midst of a pandemic, it’s still a priority for publications to cover never-before-seen moments such as schools in the mode of 100% virtual, 50/50 hybrid learning or 100% in-person, the effect on teachers and students’ social and personal development, and precautionary guidelines for sporting events.

Although many essential workers with different careers are on the frontline, other groups like journalists and even high school publications deserve recognition for their efforts as well since they cover crucial and historic moments of time.

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