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IHSPA seeks information for New Voices

Hoosier students and advisers are encouraged to complete the press freedom survey and support the Indiana New Voices campaign.

In an effort to gather supporting evidence for the next New Voices campaign, IHSPA has put together this short survey: Indiana Student Press Freedom

All of the questions are voluntary and may be left blank if the answer is not available. However, the outcome of future endeavors to ensure First Amendment freedoms in the state’s schools is dependent on the amount of information provided from this questionnaire.  

Many who opposed the New Voices legislation that would support those within the world of Indiana scholastic journalism have repeatedly said there just isn’t proof that student journalists and their advisers need protection. IHSPA is attempting to combat that talking point, but that cannot happen without feedback.

Therefore, those participating in student media labs and classrooms are being asked to take a couple minutes and answer these very simple questions about the current environment of journalism and First Amendment rights in their building. The willingness to do so can have a significant impact on future legislative efforts. Once completed, participants are encouraged to share this link with others in the Hoosier scholastic journalism community.

For more information, please contact IHSPA Executive Director Ryan Gunterman at

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