IDS: Bill would protect student press rights

Indiana University’s student newspaper, Indiana Daily Student, recently published an article about Indiana High School Press Association director Diana Hadley and her work with the New Voices of Indiana team to get a new, bipartisan bill passed through the legislature.

House Bill 1130, co-authored by Rep. Edward Clere, R-New Albany, and Rep. Edward DeLaney, D-Indianapolis, would provide protections for student journalists if passed this session.

The bill would make it so an educational institution can’t censor school-sponsored media unless it’s libelous or slanderous.

If passed, Indiana would join 11 other states which currently have either free expression laws protecting student journalists or student speech rights in their education codes.

Hadley was involved in a movement for a similar bill in the 1990s. That bill passed through the House but stalled in the Senate. She’s said she’s hoping this new bill will have enough momentum to be passed.

“It kind of seems like the wind’s at our back,” Hadley said in the article. “There seems to be a movement to give students more voice.”

Read the entire article from the Indiana Daily Student here.

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