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I am Darian Eswine, a freshman at Franklin College studying Journalism and English. I will be the new editor of the IHSPA website and I appreciate this opportunity to serve and be involved in IHSPA in a greater way.

As we enter the new year, the Indiana High School Press Association has decided to launch a new website. The past website served the great purpose of launching us into the online world, and hopefully this new website will further push us in the web-centered-journalism direction, and allow us to connect to even more students and advisers across the state.

The menu bar at the top will help to easily guide you through the website. There is a place for members where membership information and a directory can be found; a place to look at coverage of past events; a blogs page, which as of now contains a link to Director Diana Hadley’s blog; an executive board page, with short profiles with pictures of the members; a forms page for easily accessible forms; an archive to look back at all previous posts; a resources page; and finally a history page.

The history page is one of the pages we are most excited about. This will showcase the past 90 years of IHSPA history. So far, there a couple of magazines and calendars from past years. If you have anything you think should be included in this section, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section at the bottom of the history page. We are looking forward to building that page up and being able to reflect on how far IHSPA has come.

More features are included in the sidebar to the right of the website. Our 2013 calendar is at the top of the sidebar for easy access, followed by our Facebook link. There is also a place to subscribe, so you can receive email notifications when a new article is posted. Any time you would like to get back to the home page, just click on the IHSPA logo at the top of the website.

Business/Web adviser Dennis Cripe, Director Diana Hadley, and I have worked over the past few weeks to develop this site, and it will continue to be a work in progress as we learn and move forward with this project.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the new features.

Darian Eswine

Web Editor

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